Vinyl Application

When applying your vinyl there are a few steps you should to to ensure you are applying them correctly, please follow these simple steps below to get the best method of application.

1//  Clean the surface first, this is most important part of the application to make sure the vinyl sticks properly. Use appropriate glass cleaner or washing up liquid making sure to use a different cloth to dry the surface after. 

2//  Use tape to mark out where the vinyl will be placed, you could also use a tape measure to get a central point, using tape to mark it out to make sure the vinyl will be straight and in the right place (unless applying offset). 

3//  Remove the back from the vinyl which will leave it exposed and stick the centre part down, making sure the vinyl is straight and in place, (you can also stick the application tape around the vinyl down slightly and look back to see if it's in the right place, if not you can take it back up and try again) then using a vinyl applicator or a plastic card, smooth the vinyl down firmly and out from the centre to push the air out so none is trapped. 

4//  After the vinyl is stuck firmly in place and you are happy, pick up one side and slowly peel back the application tape on top of the vinyl, making sure you do this slowly in case the vinyl isn't stuck down fully, then you need to re-apply it and rub it down more firmly, this should complete the application and you should have a fresh new vinyl